"Our learning through hearing is often subconscious and remarkable in the sense that it can change our behaviour much faster than visual cues. This phenomenon often referred to as double loop learning is an integral part of why branding through sound has such a great impact throughout”

Fry is an international soundbranding agency offering expertise in planning, execution and implementation of soundbranding strategies. We strive to be in the forefront of music innovation and research to actively communicate how to benefit from the wonderful world of sound.

We provide services within three main pelars: customised music profiling through our own streaming platform, Frytuner, soundbranding strategy and in-house production of sound and music. We also run an underground techno label, Colourful Recordings, where our vinyl record desires gets fulfilled. Needless to say we love to play vintage pianos and fiddle around with strange sounding gear in our studio. We add expertise in different collaborations with  

academic institutions, architects, designers and agencies. Our showcases encompass start-ups to global brands. To name a few; Apple, L’Oreal, Design Hotels group, 3M, Swedish Pavilion / Superstudio Più, Electrolux / Prime Group and fashion brands such as Filippa K and Altewai Saome. Synchronizing audio to visual brand identity is our end game, whether it be hospitality, retail or for the benefit of society.

Mail: info@fry.se  |  Phone: +46 (0)8 694 98 98  |  Katarina Bangata 68  |  116 42 Stockholm  |  Sweden